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The Dog Nanny - Marcia Murray-Stoof CPDT/CCB

Client Comments

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Students Comments.

Jenn P.  - Marcia was amazing


Jessica C.  - Marcia is amazing and really knows how to train our whole family.


Jeff H.  -      Taught me how to take control.


Ashley & Shawn. - Very helpful, hands on, answered a lot of questions. Helped a lot with our crazy puppy.


Shaslo M.& Elanor M. - I learned how to train our dog properly.  Excellent Trainer.


Santina C. - This is our first pet, so we learned a lot.  We enjoyed the informative information and interaction with the puppies.


Myra R. - Nothing but good things to say.  I now have the tools I need to continue training Cooper.  Thank You Marcia.


Aaron S.  -   Marcia is excellent.  She answered all my questions very well.


Courtney B.  -  Timbit and I enjoyed the course very much, I loved Marcia.


Stephine H.  -   Will continue training with Marcia, she is a great Instructor.


Mary Lou S.  -   Thank you for the great training for both of us.  Sessions were great.


Danielle B.  - Thanks for all the detailed training information.


Greg .  -         Great support fabulous advice.


Suzanne H.  -  Very useful in being able to control Buster.


Shannon G.  -  Very clear, organized instructions & teaching.  An excellent experience.  Thanks for all your patience & including our whole family in this experience.


Kristen, A.  - I like Marcia’s expertise.


Laurie D.  - Very informative & knowledgeable Trainer. – Very helpful Marlie has learned a lot and more.


Susan K.  - Gave great tips along with good explanations.


Nina K.  - I loved the practical tips/strategies/practice opportunity.  I was impressed with Marcia’s confident tips & strategies. They work when practiced!!


Pauline F.  - Marcia is an exceptional trainer.


Allen S.  - She is very helpful.


Scott W. - Marcia was great, this was our 2nd time with her.
Joey B. - We were in one of Marcia's group classes, and are impressed with the amount of time she gives each dog and parent.  We have learnt so much from her. 
Alana C. - We are still working on our black dog problem, but Marcia gave us many tips on this.  The whole course was great, and we will be returning for classes with Marcia.
Sonya C. - I like the way Marcia explains commands.  Very nice class, we will be back for next level.
Dan M. - Can't wait for next session with Marcia.
Julie C. - I have always taken my dogs to Training classes, and I have never learnt so much as I did in Marcia's Classes, she certainly knows her stuff.  I will recommend her to everyone.
Anika S. - I got trained and then it always worked.  I am vey happy with the outcome and will be back for more classes.
Bill J. - Marcia looks like the super nanny on TV! She sounds like her as well.
Buster's Parents - Classes were very informative and gets "us" owners on the same page with one another.
Lousie M. - Trainer was very good - lots of knowledge.  We enjoyed our classes.
Elissa & Linus - I enjoyed that I felt comfortable enough to ask questions. Great Class, a good start for Linus.  I might wait a bit until he is a bit better with what her learnt in beginner before intermediate.  Thank you Marcia.
Brandon - Lots of review and re-enforcement.  Great program.
Peter & Debbie M. - Learned stuff to use at home.  Thanks.
Danielle - We really liked how informative the classes were and that we could ask a lot of questions and have them answered.  marcia was awsome instructor. She taught us a lot and helped my husband Baldwin & I to get on the same page.
Tracey H. - By the way, I just wanted to let you know that your class that you are doing, is the best class I have taken so far in dog training. You keep it fun, relaxed and you are so approachable! I will recommend you.Thank you.

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