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Student’s Comments About Marcia’s Pet Training Classes

NAME                                    COMMENTS


Jenn Peterson                          Marcia was amazing.


Jessica Chezzie                        Marcia is amazing and really knows how to train our whole family. 


Jeff Holder                              Taught me how to take control. 


Aaron Soloman                       Marcia is excellent.  She answered all my questions very well. 

                                                We want tocontinue our training with her. 


Stephine Hemmers                  Will continue our training with Marcia, she is a great Instructor. 


Mary Lou Staples                    Thank you for the great training for both of us.  Sessions were great. 


Danielle Balog                        Thanks for all the detailed training information. 


Greg & Ebony                         Great support fabulous advice. 


Susan Knapik                          Gave great tips along with good session explanation. – Great Course. 


Nina Koniuch                          I loved the practical tips/strategies/practice opportunity. 

                                                I was impressed with Marcia’s confident tips & strategies.    

                                                They work when practiced!! 


Pauline Ferguson                     Marcia is an exceptional trainer. 


Brenda Duce                           Loved the classes, Marcia is Fabulous. 


Aaron Soloman                       I had Marcia for Puppy and Intermediate, I will go with Marcia    

                                                for Advance. She is very helpful.


Monica Redman                      Very Knowledgeable Trainer lots of suggestions + good information. 


Stephan & Jozy                       Very good Trainer and highly informative.    

                                                    Recommend her to all known pet owners. 


Danielle                                   We really liked how informative the classes were and that we could ask a lot of  questions and have them answered.  Marcia was an awesome instructor, she taught us a lot and helped my husband, Bladwin & I to get on the same page. 


Bill Justus                                They were all good.     

                                                    Marcia you look like the super nanny on TV!    

                                                        You sound like her too! Thanks Bill. 


Elissa & Linus                         I enjoyed that I felt comfortable enough to ask questions.     

                                                Great Class a good start for Linus and I.  I might wait a bit until he is better w/what he’s learnt in beginner before intermediate.     

                                                Thank you Marcia.


Ron Imrice                              Great Training Tips.  I am pleased with Marcia’s training and happy with the results.


Kim Taylor                              The trainer Marcia was patient and attentive one on one.     

                                                I would highly recommend the class to friends.